Degree Type: 

Doctor of Philosophy


Department of Soil Science

Programme Duration: 

3 years (Diploma Entry)

Modes of Study: 


About Programme: 

Since the inception of the postgraduate programme in 2001 in ‘pure’ Soil Science, the department has found it increasingly difficult to attract students, which perhaps could be partly due to the low demand for ‘pure’ Soil Scientist in the job market. This problem, coupled with the threat to the health and well-being of people and global systems posed by environmental degradation and climate change, prompted the department to review its postgraduate programme. The review indicated the need to design a programme which will train graduates to tackle problems of environmental degradation in a sound way. 

Entry Requirements: 


Goal / Aim / Objectives: 

(i)    To expose students to the scientific principles of pollution at chemical levels and soil management in order to enable them approach environmental issues in a realistic way.
(ii)    To equip students with the concepts and procedures of land evaluation and use soil/land data to substantiate suitability of soil/land for specific purposes.

Career Opportunities: 


Programme Structure

Level 900

First Semester

ASS 899: Thesis
6 Credit(s)

The PhD. programme is by research. However, student may be required to attend or audit certain courses, depending on their academic background. The core course is ASS 999 (Thesis).

The elective courses will be selected in consultation with the student’s Supervisor; bearing in mind his/her research interest. All courses are examinable at the end of the semester.

Research Areas: Student’s research will be based on one of the following areas:

  1. Integrated Soil Fertility Management
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment
  3. Hydrological Processes in Soil
  4. Land and Water Conservation
  5. Environmental Soil Chemistry
  6. Soil Colloids and Soil Pollution
  7. Surface and Peri-urban Hydrology and Water Quality
  8. Climate Impact on Agricultural Production
  9. Management of wetlands