Degree Type: 

Bachelor of Science


Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

Programme Duration: 

4 years (Standard Entry)

Modes of Study: 


About Programme: 

Information is central to our lives especially in our contemporary world, as advances in technology have made it most accessible and available in various forms and through various media. Its acquisition, design, manipulation, retrieval, transmission, storage, management and preservation have therefore been given maximum attention by governments, organisations, and centres of authority. Our B.Sc Information Technology programme introduces students to the complex world of information management using modern technological methods and techniques. It combines a wide range of courses that are interdisciplinary, critical, deeply thought provoking, and unleashes the creativity of students. 

Entry Requirements: 

Post-Senior Secondary School Candidates

The entry requirements are the same as for the School of Physical Sciences.

However, In the case of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: (i) Candidates must have passes in Core English, Core Mathematics and Core Science. (ii) In addition to the above, candidates must have obtained aggregate 10 or better in Elective Mathematics and any other two (2) elective subjects with grades not lower than D.

Goal / Aim / Objectives: 

  • To train students in information management using modern technology, instilling in them the capacity to apply it to solving problems and improving the activities of organisation and institutions.
  • To prepare students for advanced studies in Information Technology and/oe it's related field.
  • To produce experts in IT who will be charged with the responsibility for selecting hardware and software products appropriate for an organisation, integrating those products with organisational needs and infrastructure.

Career Opportunities: 

In our rapidly changing world today, requisite (albeit real time) information is key in critical decision making in all sectors of society. Our programme will prepare students to meet the IT needs of business, government, healthcare, educational institutions, and other kinds of organisations.    Graduate of the programme can find job as: 

  •  Applications developer
  •  Database administrator 
  •  Games developer
  •  Geographical information systems officer
  •  Information systems manager
  •  IT consultant
  •  IT sales professional
  •  IT technical support officer
  •  Multimedia programmer
  •  Multimedia specialist
  •  Network engineer
  •  Systems analyst
  •  Systems developer 

Programme Structure

Level 100

First Semester

CMS 107: Communicative Skills I
3 Credit(s)

Engaging in academic work at the university is challenging. This course is aimed at equipping fresh students to make the transition from pre-university level to the university level. It assists them in engaging and succeeding in complex academic tasks in speaking, listening, reading and writing. It also provides an introduction to university studies by equipping students with skills that will help them to engage in academic discourse with confidence and fluency.

Second Semester

CMS 108: Communicative Skills II
3 Credit(s)

This is a follow-up course on the first semester one. It takes students through writing correct sentences, devoid of ambiguity, through the paragraph and its appropriate development to the fully-developed essay. The course also emphasizes the importance and the processes of editing written work.