Degree Type: 

Bachelor of Science


Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

Programme Duration: 

4 years (Standard Entry)

Modes of Study: 


About Programme: 

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science programme is designed to equip students with the knowledge about the latest trends in this ever changing technological world. Computer Science is a field of great fun and never ending learning, which involves the application of the computer and its tools to efficiently undertake activities in the field of business, entertainment, education, and so on. Efforts are made to ensure a deeper understanding of the history, current trends and the probable future of the computer sciences across the world. Learners are taught how to design software, how to use some of the most popular and current programme software and how to make the most efficient use of the very complicated computer gadgets. Being an education focused programme, learners are trained in the most effective school teaching methods that could be applicable to students at all levels of the academic ladder. The programme equips students with technological skills that makes them exceptional in the use of the computer, and also expose them to skills that would make it possible for them to pass on those skills to other trainees. Some of the simple aspects of computer hardware are also taught in the programme.

Entry Requirements: 

Applicants must have passes any three (3) of the following elective subjects: Elective Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Career Opportunities: 

Although an educational based programme, the programme makes it possible for learners to take up computer science related careers beyond the confines of the classroom. The deep understanding learners get from the training makes them better positioned professionals for jobs in computerised industries and service offering companies. The field of Information Technology (I.T) is a booming sector for private entrepreneurial ventures that learners can also venture into. Being trained in computer science puts you one step ahead of virtually all the other group of professionals, as the trend over the years have shown industry is relying more on the adoption of computer technology in its operations.    You could get jobs as: 

  • Information Technology teacher 
  • Information Technology consultant
  • Networking specialist in banks and other service offering firms
  • Software and programme developer
  • Computer technician in industries

Programme Structure

Level 100

First Semester

CMS 107: Communicative Skills I
3 Credit(s)

Engaging in academic work at the university is challenging. This course is aimed at equipping fresh students to make the transition from pre-university level to the university level. It assists them in engaging and succeeding in complex academic tasks in speaking, listening, reading and writing. It also provides an introduction to university studies by equipping students with skills that will help them to engage in academic discourse with confidence and fluency.

Second Semester

CMS 108: Communicative Skills II
3 Credit(s)

This is a follow-up course on the first semester one. It takes students through writing correct sentences, devoid of ambiguity, through the paragraph and its appropriate development to the fully-developed essay. The course also emphasizes the importance and the processes of editing written work.