Adehye Hall Climaxes Hall Week Celebration with a Grand Durbar

Adehye Hall has climaxed its 55th Hall Week Celebration with a call on the future generation of women to be bold, focused, hardworking, and also serve as role model to others.

The week-long celebration was on the theme “Celebrating the Past, Honoring the Present and Shaping the Future of an Ideal Woman”.

Addressing the durbar, the Provost, College of Humanities and Legal Studies, Prof. Dora Edu-Buandoh, said the future generation of women should be ideal in many ways. She said they must be educated to meet the challenges at the place of work.

“The workplace is challenging not only because women have to work and still run families. The biggest challenge is that women have to prove themselves twice” he observed.  She added “That double bind that frustrates the woman of today will continue to haunt the woman of tomorrow if we do not shape the lives of young boys with the young girls”. According to Prof. Edu-Buandoh, the educational system should equip the future generation with confidence and skills sets that would be needed in the future place of work

Prof. Edu-Buandoh said the future ideal woman should have decorum in lifestyle, dressing, attitude, communication and relationships. She advised the students to make good use of the training they had received even after marriage stressing that “the future does not have space for women who will just marry and be housewives”. 

The Provost called on the students to follow the steps of women working in the University. “So we want you to look at us as your role models. The context in which we operate as educated women, as women in positions of trust, as wives, mothers, sisters, daughters is still not even but we cannot afford to live in a state of victimhood. You must get up”. She advised them to be focused and set achievable goals and work towards realising them. She mentioned opportunities available to them on campus and urged them to build their skills in entrepreneurship by taking advantage of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprises Development.

On behalf of the Hall Warden, Ms.  Paulina Kwafoa, the Senior Hall Tutor, Mr. Ebenezer Aggrey, said the hall continued to ensure that its students were trained in all spheres of their lives thus traditionally, culturally and intellectually. She said ladies of the hall continue to excel in their academic works and sporting activities.

Ms. Kwafoa advised the students to be guided by the outstretched eagle of UCC Coat of Arms which signifies strength, determination and excellence. She urged them to stay away from extra-curricular activities that would negatively affect their studies.

Some of the achievements of the Hall she mentioned were the installation of CCTV cameras, creation of a garden for relaxation for students. She also noted the dilapidated nature of the wardrobes in the rooms was a major challenge and called for more support to fix them.