The Department of Education is one of the five Departments of the College of Distance Education (CoDE).It houses the Diploma and Post Diploma Programmes in Basic Education ( DBE & PDE) and Psychology and Foundations of Education (DPF & BPF) programmes and has the largest number of students, Course Tutors and Study/Learning Centres in CoDE.


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As part of its mandate ,the Department is to:
   i. liase with the Regional and centre Co-ordinators to appoint and give orientation to Course Tutor to enable them to handle their student more effectively;
  ii. collaborate with the Co-ordinator of the Examinations unit to apppoint chief examiners ;
 III. Ensure that  quizzes and Examination questions are moderated to enhance their quality;
 iv. liase with other department to mount new programmes and courses and/ or revising courses where necessary to make them relevant to the needs of the country;
 v. appoint and train module writers and ensuring that modules meet content requirements;
 vi.monitor constantly teaching and learning activities including on -centre teaching practice (OCTP) at the study/learning centres and where necessary advice on good practice;
vii. identify and address rapidly students concerns;
viii. appoint mentors e.g. DIrectors and circuit Supervisors of the Ghana Education Service (GES) to supervise students'  On-Centre Teaching Practice ( OCTP )
IX. Upgrade Course Tutors who have successfully obtained their masters from tutors to Senior Tutors
 X. Share thoughts, ideas and observations with the Provost of the College and other Heads of Department during the CoDE advisory committee etc.

In other to fulfill this mandate, the department collaborate with other units such as the Department of Quality Assurance and Enhancement , Students Records Management Unit, Reprographic, Production and Dispatch Unit, Student Support Service, Admissions Unit and the IT Units, at CoDE as well as the Regional and Centre Coordinators.

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The department is very much aware of the challenges distance students encounter in their studies. Yet, we believe that ones there is a will there is a way. We take pride when our student become successful in their studies. We believe that every student has the potential to succeed irrespective of their circumstances, but excellence can only be achieved through hard work. We therefore urge every student of the department to manage their time effectively and fulfill the purpose for which they enrolled on the programme.


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